Writing the Vision Statement

I’m currently working on the high level vision statement for our new startup. This is among the hardest creative tasks I encounter. The statement needs to be short, concise, sum up the value succinctly and get people excited enough to want to learn more.

There are may techniques for doing this. One that I’m using at the moment and has helped me get over my writers block is the 6 whys. With this method start with a high level statement that makes some sort of sense, like “social media will be important for businesses”. Then ask “why will social media be important for businesses?”

Kept doing this, answering the previous why and then asking a why question that follows on from the answer. Many people suggest doing to 6 times. I keep doing it until I either have a statement that opens my eyes to the vision or I start going in circles, in which case I back track or start again.

How do you approach the task of defining a vision statement? What works best for you? Please share any tips or thoughts in the comments!

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