Why I’ll Hire You

I’ve read a lot of blog posts telling the world why they won’t hire you. I’m going to tell you instead what I look for when hiring. I’m going to tell you why I’ll hire you.

  1. Be better than me They say A players hire A players. I’m actually sick of hearing this. The best people hire those who are better than themselves. When I’m interviewing you I’m trying to find that one thing you are better at than me or anyone else in the company that we need. If you can show me that you are better at writing web copy or automating server provisioning or any of the hundreds of things a growing company needs, I’ll hire you. Your job in the interview is to understand what our company does and then show me how you can do something better
  2. Fit in Being a startup, our team is small. We can’t afford to accommodate you and your needs. If you don’t fit our company culture and values, it will be very disruptive to our work environment. I’m not looking for you to be a clone of everyone else. But do take some time to observe the environment and make an effort. At Distil we had a very multicultural team. Once I had a candidate rant about how they hated immigrants. Obviously we did not hire them, but I couldn’t help but wonder if they had even looked around the company and seen the diversity we had.

What do you look for when hiring? What do you do when your a candidate to demonstrate your fit?

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