Apple and the Field of Dreams

I’ve finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. Time and again Steve Jobs focuses on making the product he wants, eschewing focus groups, market research, and the opinions of those around him. An unrelenting vision of perfection is the single most important factor for success.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Inside Apple since I really don’t believe Apple works exactly the way it is portrayed in Isaacson’s book. Isaacson’s book strikes me as a bit of myth making. And part of the myth of Steve Jobs is his field of dreams approach to business. Build it and they will come.

It’s important to see this for what it is — a myth. Building something just for yourself, without outside input from customers, does not lead to great products. Building and testing and iterating and shipping and failing and getting feedback and building again is how you get to great products.

But I wonder if the current Apple mythology is influencing a new generation of entrepreneurs to just build it, and hope they come.

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