The Goldilocks Vision Statement

I have one advisor who pushes me on my big vision. Why did I get interested in this subject area? What do I want to be remembered for? Every answer I give he pushes me to go bigger until the vision statement is so big and so huge there is no chance our small team can credibly execute.

My co-founder pushes me in the opposite direction. What business problem is this solving? Why would a customer buy this? Each answer I give he pushes it to be more concrete until it is a great description of our product but is so tight and focused there is little to differentiate us and the dozens of competitors.

There exists a goldilocks visions statement, one that is just right. It has a big enough vision but without becoming too grandiose. It is concrete enough without without sounding small and like everyone else. Big enough to inspire, because we just aren’t the yet, but small enough that we can start, because the first step isn’t too difficult.

Here a some examples:

  • Google:
    • Too big Index the world’s knowledge.
    • Too small Index the world wide web
    • Just right Index the world’s information
  • Facebook
    • Too big Connect every person in the world instantly to each other
    • Too small Connect every university student through a web page
    • Just right Connect people in an open manner
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