One Month Aniversary

One month ago I started this blog with 2 goals:

  1. Write every day
  2. Share to Hacker News

I chose these goals as they were completely within my control. To accomplish them I just needed to overcome inertia, the tendency to not do anything.

So how have I measured up against these goals?

While I haven’t written everyday, I have managed to get a new post up everyday. In my book that is the same thing. I’m able to write more on the weekend to make up for days when I just don’t have time.

Sharing to Hacker News has gone better than I imagined. I wrote for a few weeks, to loosen up the writing muscle, before sharing my first post to Hacker News. I was very nervous before posting it. What if people don’t like it? What if they wrote nasty comments? What if it was so bad I got banned from Hacker News? These were the thoughts going through my head. I almost chickened out. Twice. In a bold move I clicked submit. What is done is done, I thought.

That post got about 30 page views and no up votes. Phew. What a relief. It came and went practically unnoticed. That was painless. The next was easier to post. I knew what to expect. It got about 70 page views and 1 up vote. Hooray! I’m getting better and this isn’t really scary at all.

By the third post to Hacker News it was very routine. Mechanical. I posted and went about my business. A few minutes later I got a notification that someone had posted a comment. Unusual. But the comment was someone correcting my spelling. I thanked them and made the correction. Then another comment. That’s very unusual, not at all what happened the previous two times.

I checked the page views. There were over a thousand views. Wow! I checked Hacker news. My post was at the top of the front page. I was scared. People were discussing and commenting very actively. I wanted to see what people thought. I was terrified to see what people thought. More comment notifications coming in. I tried to respond to everyone, thank them for reading, but it became too much. I called it a night and went to bed.

In the end A $5000 Chair received over 200 up votes and 30,000 views and remained to top story overnight. It was more attention than I wanted so soon, but I survived and became more confident from the experience.

Looking forward, my goals for the next few months are:

  1. Improve the quality
  2. Grow a regular audience

These goals are a bit of a stretch in the sense don’t have 100% control over the outcomes. For quality, I am going to work much more on spelling and grammar (it’s a bit embarrassing). I also want to get better at writing interesting posts that engage people and generate discussion. As for the audience, I would value 100 people who find this blog interesting enough to visit regularly over 100,000 page views from Hacker News

Thanks for reading and I hope for many more months of blogging.

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