Personal Vision

I’ve observed that exceptional people have strong personal visions (Exceptional, Exceptional, Exceptional). For example, Steve Job’s personal vision statement was “to innovate at the intersection of the humanities and technology”. Einstein’s famous vision statement was “to know the mind of God”. Huge, but then again he was Einstein.

Articulating my personal vision statement is difficult. Do I go with something like “Freedom to blaze my own trail”? It fits well, but is backward looking. Explaining why I’ve made the decisions I’ve made without suggesting next steps.

So I’ve been staring at the page for the past 5 minutes, stumped. Broad statements like “to help people communicate” come and are quickly dismissed. I’m trying to find a statement that summarizes everything I’ve done in my career.

And then it hits me. Vision is not about the past but the future. Where am I going? What do I hope to accomplish?

Arthur C. Clarke wrote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That really resonates. Let’s try it on for size:

“To create magical technologies.”

Yeah. That feels right. My personal vision.

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