An Hour a Day

You can accomplish a lot in an hour a day.

When I was going to film school in LA, I set aside an hour a day to write screenplays. After doing that for a year I had written 6 full length movie scripts. These were just first drafts — rewriting takes much longer. But I got plenty experience just writing and the confidence that I can take a script idea from start to finish.

When I had my first research and development job, I set as a goal to publish an academic paper a month. To do this I set aside an hour a day to write and re-write the research I was doing. That was all it took and I hit my goal.

I started Distil by spending an hour a day for 18 months doing market research, prototyping, reading and writing pitches. After I finished work at Bookham, I would come home, eat dinner with my wife, and then take an hour to work on Distil while she watched TV. Doing this I took an idea to funding.

There are no excuses. Everyone can carve out an hour a day to pursue their dreams. The hard part is the discipline to spend an hour a day on the project. The good news is that if you make it a habit, giving the hour a day becomes easier and easier.

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