Coming Out of Hibernation

I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation. The past year and a half I’ve been heads down building and iterating on product. All I’ve had time for has been family and building. One of my strengths is that I can focus for long periods of time on projects without the need to go out, socialize, network or any of those types of distractions.

But now it’s built. And I have time again to do the local things I know I should do. And this is a great week to start coming out to events in Ottawa. Tonight is DemoCamp. Tomorrow is StartupDrinks. It’s going to feel good getting out and reconnecting with people. Catching up after 18 months of being holed up in my den. If you are in Ottawa, please come up and say hi. Hope to see you there!

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One Response to Coming Out of Hibernation

  1. Great seeing you last night – happy you’re out of hibernation!!!

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