Choose One Thing to Excel At

Odds are I’m average.

Some things that I’m average at don’t bother me. I’m average height, for instance. Never woke up in a cold sweat thinking I need to grow an extra few inches. I’m an average driver — I’m OK admitting that. I type at an average speed. Look, it gets the job done. These things I’m quite content being average at.

Some things I work hard at being average. I eat well and exercise regularly so I can stay an average weight for my height. Golfers work hard to shoot par (read average) on the course. I practice, practice, practice — read books and articles — to try to be what I would consider an average coder. That takes a lot of work since there are so many people out there working hard to be great coders. It’s like I’m running to stand still.

So yeah, I’m pretty mediocre. In most things.

What makes me different is that I pick one or two things to really excel at. The rest I’m ok being just so-so. I don’t try to excel at everything. Just one or two things that are important to me.

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he challenged the company to pick four products that they would focus on. Four things that they would do insanely great. All the rest didn’t matter.

What are the handful of things you will choose to be insanely great at?

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One Response to Choose One Thing to Excel At

  1. lynnais says:

    for me its web design and development, Thanks for the post.

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