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Free is not Authentic

At Girih, our products often compete against free. Whether it is because a competitor is offering a free trial or using a Freemium business model, we find potential customers asking us to give away our hard work gratis. Meanwhile, our … Continue reading

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What Does a CTO Do?

For the past 5 years I’ve been a startup CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Before that I worked in R&D within large companies directly under the CTO. Even with a decade of technology experience, I still find exactly what the responsibilities … Continue reading

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What Rock Climbing Taught Me About Leading

When I was at University I really got into rock climbing.  I loved the sport — being outside, hanging with friends, solving problems on the rock, learning technical sequences.  I didn’t realize that I was also learning a lot about … Continue reading

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Tag, You’re It

At the beginning we had nothing.  No product.  No prospects.  Winston worked the phones diligently until one day he came to me.  “I need something — anything — to show a prospect.  What can you build?” Tag, I’m it.  While … Continue reading

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How We Lost Control of Our Company

Entrepreneurs are very concerned with retaining control of their company. And right they should. Being your own boss — being in charge — is one of the few perks of starting something yourself. No one starts a company so that … Continue reading

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Networking California Style

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, living and working there until 1992.  So the California way of doing things is in my DNA. One thing I just took for granted was how networking and “taking a meeting” … Continue reading

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Meetings Kill Startups

The first day on my first job at Nortel, a senior designer told me “the hardest part of the job is avoiding meetings.” I didn’t understand what he meant. Meetings are where important decisions are made. The important people go … Continue reading

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